April 2, 2023

Ideas to Set up Your Favourite Cocktail Lounge at Home

We all love to party in a restaurant to celebrate our achievements, promotions and success with our friends and family.  It is always fun to hang out in a bar with friends for a cocktail party. Going out with dear ones is always exciting and sometimes adventurous. However, nothing is more relaxing than a nightcap in your own living space.

Yes, it is very much possible to set up a bar cabinet that can rival the coolest clubs near your place. Starting from a bar cart to transforming your living space into a home bar, all you need is some inspiration and the creativity to do it.

Ways to Design Your Home Bar

Having a curated bar in your home is not just to keep your wine and spirits in order but is a great way to entertain guests and host a dinner. This place provides a great place to store the glassware, the recipe books and all the tools related to cocktails. A home bar transforms any space into a festive corner where you can enjoy having an elaborate conversation with your dear ones.

The following are some ways you can adopt to design your cocktail lounge –

Create an Island – An island fully dedicated to drinks is luxuriously filled with entertainment. This island when given a curved shape is a central place for all guests to gather around. You can place some bar stool chairs around it for people to sit and enjoy their drinks. This also ensures a clear space to display cocktail-making skills while serving the guests without crowding the prep area.

Try Your Creativity in a Small Space – It does not require a large space to show your creativity. You can use your imagination to make a small space look dynamic, sumptuous, funfilled and showstopping. If space is a constraint, try transforming the old bookshelf in the corner of the living room into a home bar. Here you can store all the tools used for the cocktail. Build an antiqued mirror backdrop for an incredible outlook spreading party vibes all across.

Go glamorous Under the staircase – Many times the space near the staircase is left abandoned or we stuff it with shoes. You can utilise the space under the staircase to set up a stylish bar. Paint the shelves with contrasting colours to distinguish them from the staircase. Use brass materials that reflect to add glamour to that space and elevate the appearance of the otherwise awkward space.

Introduce a Cocktail Lounge in the Dining Room – A bar set up in the dining room is a perfect choice which makes the after-dinner drinks convenient. Practically, it adds useful storage to conceal decorative tableware and other accessories. You can create a minimalistic and sleek look by painting the joinery with the same colour palette as that of the wall. You can also opt for a dark-coloured backdrop where the glassware, serveware and other decorative items are placed for an impactful appeal.

Invest in a Fashionable Freestanding Cabinet – Freestanding cabinets are more relaxed and never go out of style. This piece can add texture, interest and personality to your space. It also gives a vintage, modern or antique outlook lending a real sense of occasion. You can also repurpose an existing cabinet by filling them with choice drinks and assorted glasses which makes it convenient for the guests to help themselves.

Consider the style and feel you want in your home bar space and go ahead with these ideas to create a space for entertainment.